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Bean Bag Munitions 

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Accusox Duty Bean Bag Munitions

TBB Training Bean Bag Munitions

 Warning Information:

Bean Bag Munitions ( extended range, kinetic energy impact munitions ) are intended and designed to be used by trained law enforcement, military personnel and animal control agencies. 12 gauge bean bag munitions may cause injuries associated with blunt force trauma. Shot placement is critical to deployment. Shot placement to a person’s spine, head, chest, neck, thorax, kidneys and groin can result in serious or fatal injury. Always refer to Law Enforcement P.O.S.T. training information for the deployment of bean bag munitions. Contact us for recommended P.O.S.T. training information. Warning Information

 Accusox / West Coast Ammunition will not be held responsible for the misuse or improper deployment of our munitions by untrained law enforcement personnel. It is the responsibility of the law enforcement agency to make sure their personnel is P.O.S.T. certified in the proper deployment of Bean Bag Munitions. 

RTBB Recycled Training Bean Bag Munitions